Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cimarron and the EX UU Ranch Tuesday May 10

Monday, May 9th I met up with and joined Steve Gottlieb and his Horizon Photography workshop group for his New Mexico Adventure...... Now, I am not one to pack up a suitcase every night and head somewhere else, as I enjoy getting to know a location, but Steve had planned a different stop every night of his adventure so I quickly learned about living out of a suitcase. It wasn't as bad as I thought! Tuesday morning we headed north out of Santa Fe to Taos and made a few stops along the way. One of the stops was in Cimarron. Yes, the Cimarron, which is Spanish for wild or unruly, of the Old West fame or infamy. We had lunch in the famous St. James Hotel. What a treat that was, I always loved the old west stories and lore. There are reportedly 400 hundred bullet holes in the old tin ceiling. While there I picked up some interesting reading material which chronicles the gunfights in the late 1800's and it seems like Clay Allison was quite a shot as the record of the gunfights at the St. James Hotel reports that within three years, he shot 6 men and killed 6 men at the St. James Bar. There was also a printed copy of the "OLD" hotel guest rules from the day which amused me so...that I just have to share this one..."Guests are requested to use proper care and caution when shooting at each other in the dining room, as a reckless discharge of firearms is liable to result in the unnecessary killing of innocent and unsuspecting parties."
    While there one of our group spotted a darling little girl and her mom and dad in cowboy boots and she wanted to get a shot of the boots. So we began a conversation with them, and not only did we have a nice conversation, but they invited the group to the ranch, where they train cutting horses....I mentioned the invite to Steve and he decided, along with the group, to embrace the serendipity and we all headed out to the EX UU Ranch.
   This is what I loved about Steve he was always so willing to seize an opportunity and flex with his schedule. So all the shots here were made that afternoon in the blazing sun of northern New Mexico with the wind blowing and dust flying! I really enjoyed this stop as I used to ride and have always enjoyed romantic ideas of the Cowboys in the West. ;- ) Love the boots, the tooled leather saddles and the hats! but not the dust! At this stop I did most of my shooting with my Nikon lens: 70-200 2.8.
I put some Snapart2 on this one just for fun....
Snapart2 on this one as well.......

Processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro2

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