Friday, May 20, 2011

The High Road to Chama Rt 64 May 11 ~ Trees

On Wednesday, after leaving the Earthship Community we headed to Chama via Rt 64. A grove of aspens invited us to stop and along the highway and make some images. Some of the group shimmed through some barbed wire to get into the grove and shoot up with wide angle lenses, but I chose to to walk back down the road where I first spotted the aspens with some beautiful orange undergrowth. I love to swipe trees and thought the orange undergrowth would add to the image. I also made some shots by swiping the upper reaches of the trees and a couple straight shots too. I could have stayed there for quite a while working lots of different angles with lots of different lenses, but not everyone had the same perspective, so we departed rather shortly after stopping. While there I noticed it had started to snow! I love the snow and was excited to see it!
 As we drove higher into the mountain on our way to Chama the snow became fierce and the temperature dropped to 29 degrees. Steve turned into a park area for a rest stop for the group and then one of the group proceeded to get stuck in a snow bank. I took the opportunity to make a few shots.
I could have also stayed here a while but it was on to Tierra Amarilla (after getting the stuck van out of the snow) for some town and wool shots....more on that tomorrow....

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