Saturday, March 10, 2012

Longwood Gardens Visit Orchid Swipes

Friday I made a run to Longwood Gardens after receiving their schedule of events announcing that the Blue Poppies were in. I started working with the blue poppies and then switched to working on Orchids. Last time I went I went for orchids and shot Calla Lillies.......hmm......
I got into swipe mode on the large hanging orchid arrangements. I was using my 200mm macro so this was a fun experiment. Usually I do swipes with a "normal" lens. You never know exactly what you get when you move the camera while exposing but often they are pretty cool, and always dreamy. I love the suggestion of subjects in theses images and the interplay of light and color.

And I did make a few shots, straight on!


  1. Only you! Swipes on Orchids and it works! :)

  2. You are so right John, Very cool. I wish I had seen these before going there this morning. Some thing I have to work on for next time!

    1. Thanks Jeff, "swipes" my middle name...I always try swipes on something just to see...