Saturday, March 31, 2012

Washington, DC around town ~ Snapart3 ~

Washington, DC Metro Underground Photoshop CS5 ~ Snapart3 Pastel~ onOne PhotoFrame Pro
Just having some fun with my updated software and a few more pics from last Sunday's Washington DC outing. As we were waiting for our train there were several trains moving through the tunnels which I thought were great subjects. The light in the underground and the lights in the train are what really caught my eye, as well as the interesting subjects of people in the train and the design of the train itself.
DC Metro Sign Photoshop CS5 ~ Snapart3 Pastel ~ onOne PhotoFrame Pro
When we arrived at the metro stop there was a colorful lighted display over the exit to the street level. The lights, and fan or roulette shape of the display reminded me of Las Vegas lights.
American Art Museum Photoshop CS5 ~ Snapart3 Pastel ~ onOne PhotoFrame Pro
The first stop we made was in the American Art Museum and as we waited for the docent I was taken by the beauty of the architectural shapes of the curving stair steps overhead and the reflected light from the strategically placed window.
 After the tour I watched the children play in the water scrim and this delightfully dressed little girl caught my eye for the color of her attire, rain boots and the pure "cute" well as the colorful reflections in the water scrim. It was a fun day with lots of photo opportunities!
I will be conducting an iPhone workshop in DC on May 5 for shooting and on May 6 for a full of processing....if you have an iPhone check it out the photo possibilities are amazing!


  1. Love what you did with the processing here in these...must say, the little one sure does make a fashion statement...we all need more color!

  2. Thanks Nancy...she made me smile with her "outfit."