Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silk Mill Textures

I have been working with a few more images from my last trip to the silk mill a few weeks ago. These images I decided to add a few textures to in Photoshop using layers and then blended and reduced opacity selectively. The exterior colors of the mill create visual color vibrancy naturally because of the green painted surface and the red blocks. When I saw the red and green cardboard in the window, I had to make the image. The texture overlay I chose was also red and green.
This image I chose a grunge type overlay texture and masked out the window leaving the grunge effect in the snow, the roof tiles and the concrete.

This image also received a grunge texture treatment. Give textures with complimentary color palettes a try on your images for a little different look.


  1. I'm fond of the second one Karen. And I'm the curious cat who would like to know what is behind the door in the top image- one of the two places access is denied.