Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fells Point Sreet Field Workshop Shoot This Morning

Today I conducted a field shoot for Capital Photography Center in Fells Point. We had a full class with enthusiastic photographers. After a few moments of soft golden light in the morning the sun broke out and we had some fun shooting reflections, architecture and subjects on the street as well as subjects in the farmers market. Street photography is about maximizing whatever opportunities present themselves and using available light. Architecture is great front light in bright sunlight.

With a steady breeze, backlit flags against a bald sky are great subjects.

Textures of unique architectural details in soft morning light can be interesting subjects.

Fun camera techniques like zooming in and out with a telephoto lens, suggested by a workshop participant created a fun image of large painted letters on a building.

Garlic knobs displayed in a galvanized bucket were great to shoot in diffused light, created by the overhead white tents.

Early morning sailboats against the city scape were also great to capture.

And always there are shots of colorful reflections in the early morning waters of the harbor.
It was a fun morning with lots more opportunities to shoot people, dogs, street scenes....
I have some openings on my New York City Day Shoot October 18 if you would like to join me for some street shooting in New York City, Click here for the link to register. You can meet met there or ride up on the bus from White Marsh if you live in Baltimore.

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