Thursday, June 13, 2013

Magical Ireland Photo Tour ~ First stop Dingle

Just back from co-leading a Photo Tour in Ireland with Peter Cox. It was fabulous to be in Ireland again with an enthusiastic group of photographers! Our first stop was in Dingle. We had an hour of free time to run through Dingle after checking in. So before dinner we grabbed our cameras and ran out to see what we could capture. Within a few short blocks of the Dingle Skellig Hotel is the town area and opportunity for imagery abounds. I love walking down alley ways and side streets and one of the first side streets we came upon lead me to the opening image. The image was processed with Nik Color Efex Pro ~ Glamor Glow and then I added a layer of  Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 ~ Antique Wet Plate II. Using several layers in Photoshop, I adjusted the opacity and masked out effects to achieve the look. All of the following images were processed similarly. Another turn down an alley way netted the sofa image. The sofa was sitting at the end of the alley with weeds growing through the arm. Processing this image first gave me the inspiration to process this series of images with the same effects.

A few short steps from the end of the hotel drive on the way to town, I found this scene.

No matter what there are always lace curtains at the windows!

A weathered stone fence finial caught my eye because of the layers of colored paint, deteriorated by the elements, to a wonderful texture over many years.

Stone walls, lush vegetation and old world architecture  come together in layers against a gray sky.
Seaside houses are strung together along the shore line. It was a great hour and I only made it six blocks before rushing back for our first dinner with the group. As we headed back for dinner, the mist was moving in and we were afraid we might not get in our sunset shoot, but that's Ireland!


  1. Such wonderful hope in the near future (not next year) you will return...then I'm in!

  2. Love the effect you achieved in these Ireland!

  3. Great photography a usual for yourself. Glad you had a good time, & if you're ever get over to the northwest coast of Scotland give me a shout. My wife & I will show you some great areas for photography.

  4. There's the green! Love the story told in the intimate scenes, Karen.