Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Great Blasket Island

Day two of the tour with Peter Cox, we traveled by boat to The Great Blasket Island. This was my second visit there and the island was once again amazing to me for the grand views and ruins of a society long gone. It is hard to imagine that one could live on such an isolated land with it's unforgiving landscape of rocky cliffs and barren ridge which drops precipitously to the sea.
The weather was amazing, blue skies with high clouds drifting, and moderate temps; great for traveling on the sea. On the way to the island the crew spotted Minke whales.
The Captain was on lookout as they had seen a friendly group of whales a couple days before. We delayed our arrival to the island in hopes of catching a whale breach, but the most we got was a fin! It was still awesome to witness! And then there are the Blasket donkeys....which are always fun to watch. It was a great day of exploration and photography in Ireland!


  1. Loved the Blasket Island trip. Making me want to go back!

  2. The seas were a bit more comfortable tis trip over! It is a wonderful place.

  3. It was a grand day and a very special place. So happy I had a chance to be there with Karen's wonderful photography tour.

    1. Thanks Sue, so glad you could join the tour! It was super having you along with the group!