Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amos Mill, Rocks State Park

Today was another overcast day and several of us from the BCC headed north to Rocks State Park. Arriving at 7:30, before the gates opened we decided to go shoot a mill in Harford County that was near by. Amos Mill is all but falling down and is now almost 240 years old. I made a few exposures there and processed some in Photomatix, then Photoshop, and finally some Topaz simplify. I also made a Lens Baby shot which exaggerated the tilt.
After the gates opened at Rocks we headed down to the waterfall. Since we had some overnight rains the water was flowing nicely over the rocks. It was a great morning for shooting.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm glad to Amos Mill is still standing! My grandfather lived down the road from it and it looked like it was going to fall over way back then... I'm talking 20 years ago.


  2. Hi Ed thanks for stopping by! I think it's days in this shape are limited!

  3. Karen,
    Great shots of the mill and falls, That first shot of the mill has such great composition, I somehow missed that one completely when I was shooting. Still I had a great day with you all out there. Hopefully I got one or two pictures I can show off later ;-)

  4. Hi Chris, it was great having you join us yesterday! I look forward to seeing your shots too!