Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ladew Gardens

Today I spent the morning working in the field with a client at Ladew Gardens. Even though it was a bright sunny day, we made some compositions. I am constantly reminded that it is very important to identify your subject, work hard to minimize intrusions into the frame and to utilize landscape features for framing your subject. There were lots of pathways to utilize the leading line idea and interesting garden features to work some High Dynamic Range images as well as some possible macro opportunities. I had my Lens Baby mounted on my camera so I could use it for a composition finding lens for my client, and while my client was working on her set up shots I made a few Lens Baby hand held landscape shots. I was using the f4 insert and the basic lens on the Composer. The iris garden was very pretty with the purple iris and red maples as color features and the small water spill as a landscape element. I processed these as single shots, and snapped them as a cloud passed over softening the light of day. They were then through Topaz Simplify for an artistic look.

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