Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Every year the horse shoe crabs travel to the shores of the Delaware Bay and lay their eggs. The egg laying coincides with the spring migration of shore birds from South America to North America. This year I just caught some shots on my way home from the beach. The Ruddy Turnstones were having a real feast among the Willets and other shore birds. They move so quickly while gorging themselves for the next leg of their flight it is a wonder they actually gain energy. It was about 6:00 when I arrived at the usual site, and overcast. I coupled my 300mm 2.8 with the 2x tele-converter to get these shots out the car window. I turned up the ISO to 200, anything higher than that on the D2X and I am not happy with the noise. I need a newer better camera! for low light bird shots.
As I drove home on Rt.9 I saw these blue cornflowers mixed in the side of a field of yellow wheat. I had one shot left on the memory card and my camera was still hooked up from the bird shots so I shot this from the side of the road as the wind was blowing.
Me pass up flowers? ; - )

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