Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Floral Bonanza, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, McKee Beshers Nature Preserve

Friday, I left Baltimore at 5:00 to conduct a workshop in The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, as an instructor for Penn Camera. We had a great group, who literally sweated it out in 90 degree temps and no air movement. Well the no air movement was fabulous for shooting flowers and macro work, but we could have done with out the heat! I was using the Nikon 200 mm macro and the 70 -200 mm telephoto. As soon as the class was ending we had some wonderful diffused light happening so my friend and I stayed for a little while longer making some images....we were both hungry and decided to leave for some lunch and our next shooting location for the day. We arrived at McKee Beshers Nature Preserve around 2:00 made it to the first field of sunflowers and cracked off a couple shots before the down pours arrived....we never had a break in the rain so we headed home, but they were fabulous....and I hope to make it back there next week....

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