Friday, July 3, 2009

Main Website Down

Seems there was a pretty big disaster at Better Photo the web hosting photo site of my main site. " had a fire in their ware house that houses their servers, overnight last night. They are offline, as well as the websites they host." I picked up that piece of info from Jeff Lovinger on Tony Sweet's Facebook...this is a big bummer! I had lots of files and info there. I sure hope they can restore the data...if's start from scratch, don't think I can recreate years of file uploads............we'll see, what develops in a few days. I have tried accessing the site and there is no response...Booo : - (
Not good when you are trying to build a business around your word from Better Photo on this yet.......send some good vibes to the universe that they can recover! They had a ton of subscribers...I was going to add these two images to the category sky tonight on the sight, so instead I'll put them here.

1 comment:

  1. Love the skies Karen! And thank goodness we didn't loose anything!