Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Animal Antics~Maryland Zoo~Baltimore

Today I had the pleasure of working with a client, helping him to get out of the auto mode shooting to working in manual mode and understanding exposure. We worked through some tech stuff and headed into the zoo. The zoo has a new Prairie Dog exhibit right near the entrance and those little guys were such characters. So we made some exposures there, by first metering a gray log in the same light as the Prairie Dogs, for an 18% reflectance reading and then moving our cameras to focus on our subjects. I chose a shallow depth of field f4.8, 200mm, at 1/180 sec, ISO 100, which threw the background out of focus sufficiently and gave me the speed I needed to freeze the movement of the Prairie Dog. It was a bright sunny day, and these guys were clowns! We then headed to the elephant exhibit and made a few exposures there. As I reviewed these images I was thinking about some hilarious "Subtitles" imagine.............

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  1. These are wonderful shots! Glad you came for a visit and were able to capture such fine moments.

    Jane (at the zoo)