Saturday, July 4, 2009

Image Process

This Blog is in response to a request by Sue Henry a very talented photographer,
for the process which lead to the image I posted on my Facebook for Fourth of July, so here it is.
From my garden I shot the single daisy with a shallow depth of field and a very managed background to be solid in texture, by the positioning of my camera and the depth of field choice at f4.8 ISO 100 shutter 1/180. Then as I wandered through the garden I made some swipe images of the painted ferns by my patio, at f19 ISO 100 1.5 seconds. Since I shoot Nikon, I have the option of image overlay, which I did in camera with the two images, resulting in the final image which I then processed in Photoshop, and then a touch of Topaz to to finish it off. Here are the three in camera images and the final image.

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  1. Thanks, Karen, for the info on the process for the image. I suspected the overlay but couldn't put my finger on the "swipe."

    And also, thanks for the mention in your blog entry. You are very kind.