Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baltimore Book Festival

Today I went to the Baltimore Book Festival to do some shooting for a program at the Baltimore Camera Club. The challenge was to shoot only with a 50mm lens or equivalent, no zooming!
In addition to that fixed criteria for shooting I decided that I wanted to shoot wide open at 2.8. The last requirement for the program was no post processing cropping, and only curves, levels, hue sat, etc. could be used to process, no clone outs, no plug ins, no tricks...; - )

So these were minimally processed except for the conversion to monotone images. I had so much fun. It was somewhat freeing in that I did not have to constantly think about creative choices with the camera, except for setting the exposure, and composition. There were many times I went for the zoom ring and had to approach the composition differently.

I laughed at the innocence and beauty of the children that were there, enjoying the bands, the dogs, the events and the food, not to mention the Books! It was so nice to see children actually reading books!

Today was the last day of the festival, but it is an annual event and I hope you might mark your calendars, for next year.
All the parents were very accommodating when I explained what I was doing, and the children were great!

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