Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Longwood Gardens

Today I headed to Longwood Gardens, in Pennsylvania. I can remember after a busy work day calling my parents when they were alive, and asking them how they were, only to hear Mom say, "Oh we had such a lovely day, we went to Longwood Gardens". I think Mom loved it so much as it reminded it of her gardens in England. As I sat today in the gardens and looked at the stone walls, the English benches and the tended gardens, it all made sense to me, why they so often took a day trip to Longwood Gardens. Mom only returned to her beloved England a few times after coming to America after WWII.

Well I had a lovely day too! How can you not, Longwood is such an amazing place, with fabulous gardeners! Because it was an overcast day and I spotted an Angel Trumpet plant in bloom, BRUGMANSIA, I started making images in the outside gardens. After an hour or so, I headed for the water lily pools, which were fabulous. The horticulturists that were there, were exclaiming how lucky I was to have both the night blooming lilies and the day blooming lilies both open. Shortly after I set up it started sprinkling, but I kept on shooting, as the raindrops were making wonderful ripples in the water.
It quickly became 12:30 and I was getting a little hungry so, as the rain picked up, I headed for the restaurant on the grounds and enjoyed a nice lunch.
These are just a few of the images I made, that I had a chance to process. I will be going back soon!

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