Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Gleanings

Today, I went to the Apple Store in Towson, Maryland for a remote to control "Power Point" on my laptop. The sales person, made a quick check with another person and then handed me the Apple Remote. I thought great, I'll be set with that for my class which begins on Tuesday. Hopkins only has a Windows remote hook up, and I want to use my laptop in case I need to refer to any docs I have on it. I came home and linked the remote with my Laptop after referring to the help menu on the laptop and activated the remote device. Then I opened up my Power Point and tried to advance it and nothing!!!! Did a few more checks and tried again and nothing!!! Then I Googled the issue on the Internet and discovered the Apple Remote will not work on Power Point, so I Googled some more and found a program "Remote Buddy". I downloaded the program and drivers and Voila! It works beautifully, so I am on their 30 day free trail, but I will surely buy the download when the free trial runs out!

While I was working with the remote, playing slide shows, I decided I wanted to batch process tiff files into jpegs and I learned that process, amazingly simple, when you know how in CS3. Then I wanted to try out I Movie again and put some images to music for a clip, and this is it. I know you have seen these images before, but I also wanted to try and upload a movie clip to Blogger, I had to convert it into a Quicktime clip in order to play it on Blogger. And in between, painted some wrought iron chairs, watched the home team, beat San Diego! Go Ravens! and went to the local farm, Weber's, and bought some apple cider, and a home made Strawberry Rhubarb pie....they were rocking with business, and it was fun to see the pumpkins and fall harvest foods. I made no images today. : - ( But did get a lot done and learned a few things on my own, with the help of Google.) If anyone has any experience with the Remote Buddy Application, I'd like to know your thoughts...

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