Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall is Here!

Today the morning light was soft and overcast, and I decided to go in search of fall color. I headed to the fishing center at Loch Raven to see if I could find some colorful reflections in the cove, but it was closed, so I drove on through Loch Raven. I made a couple shots along the main drive and headed through the reservoir toward the dam, where I found some beautiful trees along the banks.

I love impressionist paintings and photography, so I played with some swipes and multiple exposures because the colors were wonderful, with the greening water in the back ground fading out to just a color splash. I took some straight shots too but, sooo love the look of the impressions, the straight shots look blah! I did some in camera overlays as well, and layered some multiple exposures with some swipes.

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