Wednesday, October 28, 2009

South Bethany Beach Takes a Hit!

This is for my friends, Lisa and John who check my blog for updates on the beach. Lisa and John are neighbors at the beach, but live in Kentucky most of the time! As soon as the rain stopped I grabbed my camera and headed for the beach. I knew there must have been pretty bad damage to the dunes the Army Corps of Engineers had designed and built a year and a half ago, when they added 250 feet of beach and the 16foot dune. When I saw the red tape across the walkway, so you could not access the beach at all i knew there was some bad damage. For the entire length of Ocean Drive the beach had eroded away so that you could not get down to the shore. Our section of the beach has a 12 foot drop off, from the top of the dune.

So I found my way around through the Fenwick Island Park. After a little time on the beach capturing the damage and some clearing light, I headed to Bethany Beach and made a couple shots there. I saw the surfers a few blocks north and headed up there to see if there was anything interesting going on. I spent an hour and a half making some images of the surfers. Then got hungry and drove up to Rehoboth for lunch. Silver Lake had over run its shores. The sun broke out after 1:00 and it was a beautiful afternoon in the low 70's!

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