Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a few more from Loch Raven

Oh, its a real rainy, blustery day here at the beach, with one more low front spinning off shore.
Its a good day for catching up on the computer. Finished the handouts for my Beginner 2 class at Hopkins, which starts next week. Sent those off to be copied, via You send it, that's a great service for large files that won't transmit via e-mails. Jeff Wolk introduced me to that service. Its not free, but it solves a problem with large files, and works great! Cleaning up the desktop, I found a few more files from Loch Raven, which I developed but did not post. Windy Day is a multiple exposure, Falling leaves is a swipe, of the same exact tree,which shows how different techniques can render very different images of the same subject, if it lends itself to those techniques, I think these both work as interesting impressionist images. Fall Colors is also a multiple exposure of a larger landscape, I wasn't sure if I really liked that one or not as it is a very subtle impression, but I liked the colors and the way they blended creating a soft texture. Now I think I'll go shopping at the outlets! ; -)

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