Saturday, June 11, 2011

Early Riser: Foggy Morning

I woke up today at 4:30 when I heard my iPhone alarm clock paying the xylophone downstairs! I had forgotten I set it last Saturday when I had to get up early for my Annapolis Workshop for Penn last Saturday, so by the time I was downstairs, I decided to take a peek outside. The fog was thick. So I thought OK I am awake, might as well go out and see if I can get a foggy sunrise. I was on the beach by 5:00 and waiting for some light. I started making some images. The sea was calm with 2 -3 foot breakers gently hitting the shore. The sound of the breakers is so hypnotizing, I stood there just watching and listening for a while.  By 6:15 there was no sign of the sun..and the fog bank was not lifting so I decided to get some breakfast instead. These shots will give you an idea about the depth of the fog. I even heard some thunder when I was out there. I took my first booking today, for my November beach workshop. It is always fun to capture the sea in any weather and it is always beautiful to me. Maybe you can join me for some ocean shooting in November! Registration is available on the sidebar of this blog.

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  1. Beautiful Karen. I was a little up the beach from you that morning....sorry I missed you....