Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Wild Flowers

I left Baltimore again today for the beach until Wednesday when I will be presenting a 2 hour session on processing images at Penn Camera on Reisterstown Road. There are 5 spaces left if you have some free time. The link to sign up is on the right side of this Blog in the sidebar. These images are representative of the type of processing and editing I will be sharing. The opening image is an in camera overlay processed with Nik Color Efex Pro and enhanced in OnOne PhotoFrame. There is a stretch of wildflowers on Rt 404 heading to the beach I saw last week and did not have time to stop so today with the overcast skies and mid seventy degree temps it was perfect to make some images. Since this patch of wildflowers is by the road they are constantly being blown by passing traffic. I used the wind in some images to render an impressionist feeling. I also made a few swipes.

This image is also an in camera overlay and then I chose to process it with SnapArt2.
This is a straight shot run through SnapArt2 Watercolor and then processed in OnOne Photo Frame for the fun border. After I left the wildflower field I was thinking, a beautiful field of wildflowers, a good pair of hike boots, by Lowa, a Red Jeep Wrangler and a Nikon camera made me happy today on the way to the beach! Thanks!!

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  1. They are beautiful Karen, the first one is my favorite. It kind of reminds me of a Van Gogh.