Thursday, June 16, 2011

The sunrise was just beautiful!

I made it out this morning at 5:00 for sunrise. I started shooting before sunrise as the light was colorful. It was beautiful! There is nothing quite as awe inspiring as watching the sun breach the horizon of the earth with beautiful light. So, I was shooting a lot! Every wave is different and the light changes every every shot is different even if you never changed your camera position, every shot would be different! and just a little you see the shape of the pink cloud below as a human figure waving hello? Look closely...I waved back! You just never know what you will see when you rise with the sun. And, yes, I did as a child always see shapes in clouds, it was a summer pastime.

And even after the sun breaks the horizon there are shots to be made along the surf and shore.

My November 2011 beach workshop is now scheduled and registration is open. The workshop is limited to ten if you want to sign up please see the info on the sidebar of this blog.

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