Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baltimore Conservatory, thinking green

Today, in between opening and closing the Church for Camera Club School on lighting, we went to the Baltimore Conservatory for a couple hours of shooting. There were four members of the Silver Spring Camera Club shooting in the orchid room, so I moved on to another room. There were not many blooming flowers, but there was new growth on several plants as well as some ragged leaves that caught my eye. I decided to use my macro lens and try swipes, which is moving the camera when the exposure is being made. I have done this before but not with my macro. The technique creates interesting impressionistic images. All these images were exposed for 1/2 second at f32. I had no polarizer with me because I grabbed my gear and ran out with out really thinking about my needs for shooting, so I had to stop all the way down to get the slow exposure time I wanted. The small aperture also "draws" sharper images when moving the camera. In processing I chose to use curves to color some images in the Red or green channels, another way to adjust color in your images.

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