Monday, February 16, 2009

Yet another trip to The Building Museum

Presidents Day, fitting that we, Steve, Jeff, David,Barb, myself and Tony, went to DC for yet another morning of shooting in the historical inaugural building of the late 1800's. Last trip, Tony did a hand held moving image of the columns just before we left, that I liked, because I do that with trees and oceans and said oh yeah, just like trees, so today I wanted to get some of those for my stock pile of images. Then I went up to the 3rd floor because most of the offices were closed and it afforded us a different view yet again of the magnificent architecture. I also went back to the green room which I like for some reason, and made a few shots there. So I am finished for the night processing the images I like most from today's couple of hours in the museum. Best deal the parking was free on the street.

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