Friday, February 13, 2009

Hampden, Hon!

Today I did a scouting run for my HDR workshops that I have scheduled in Hampden on March 13, 20 and 27. I was actually born in Hampden, but grew up in the suburbs of Randallstown. It's kind of interesting to me that I began life in Hampden and am also beginning my new workshops there too. Hampden history is very interesting and there is an abundance of interesting subjects to be photographed, these are just a few I had time to make today. The old street car museum is nearby on Falls Road and I also made some shots there. I had a great lunch at Cafe Hon and made a connection there so when we have the workshop we have a great spot that will accommodate the participants and their gear for a great lunch. Hampden is a gritty place, as I was shooting on The Avenue, a local came down the walk cussing as someone raced down the Avenue in their car, " She said what the F---does he think this is? This ain't no highway". Its The Avenue!..... and I thought that's Hampden hon!

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