Thursday, February 5, 2009

Processing Images For a Look

This is an informative spot on the images I used to create the final image called "Enter The Past" which placed first in the Unlimited Monochrome Print category at the BCC Thursday night.

Above the set of images are in the sequence I used: first capturing the images in a bracketed mode, then moving 8 of them into Photomatix for HDR processing. Tone Mapping the HDR image, adjusting the Tone Mapped Image in Photoshop for edits and then applying a gradient and a curve to get the final image.

The hallway was in the National Building Museum.


  1. Beautiful image Karen. I gotta go check that place out - it looks like there is some terrific subject matter. Are they ok with tripods??

  2. Yep, you can shoot with Tripods in the Great Hall and the second floor balcony. You would love it!
    Thanks for stopping by.