Sunday, June 28, 2009

Water Totems

Yesterday morning I worked with a client in Fells Point. When I was waiting for her I noticed the Mercury like texture of the water and the reflections. When she arrived we talked about her objectives for the day, and started making some images of beautiful building reflections in the water. The colorful contrast of the red brick buildings and clear blue summer sky was just amazing. When I was processing some images last night, I thought these would make great "Mirror" images, but it was getting late and I went to bed. Today when I had a chance to revisit these images, my dear friend Barb Williams came to mind. She was a mirroring maniac and we laughed many times over the funky images we would create just to see what they looked this is kind of an homage to Barb, who died suddenly in May 2009, shortly after our week long photo trip together in Tennessee. Enjoy and think of Barb!
All of these images are what I call quad mirrors, that is: mirrored once on the horizontal and then mirrored on the vertical, so its four original images...; - ) Except for one which is a quad, mirrored, so that's eight original. I know she is laughing now!
But I was excited when I made these images, because they are so unique! They truly reminded me of the Indian Totems.

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