Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baltimore Blizzard The Day After in Greenbrier

Well, it has been a challenging two days for the residents of DC, Philly and Baltimore! The Blizzard of 2010 really left its mark. Yesterday was all about digging out during the final hours of the storm and today, for me was about walking around the neighborhood, as we still could not get out of the neighborhood. It was nice to see all the neighbors out, engaged in either work or play as a result of the snow. The final tally for Towson was 25 inches! I walked around with my 70-200 lens, really hoping for some artistic images but enjoyed documenting the activities and conditions in the neighborhood. When I was processing these I wanted to use black and white toning as the snowfall reminded me of snows when I was a child. Dad was shooting black and white film then and all our early family pictures were in black and white. It just looked right to for all my friends in Florida, Las Vegas and Tennessee or elsewhere that used to live in the DC Balto metro is what you missed! (As I write this, there is a front end loader outside and a small plow, finally!)

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