Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fonthill Castle

Its snowing in Baltimore now, a good night to finish up some processing on the images I captured at The Fonthill Castle. Thanks to John Barclay, who arranged for a small group of photographers to visit and gain entrance before the Castle opened to the public. This property does not allow indoor photography with a flash and they do not allow "normal" visitors to use tripods...so we were very fortunate to have John organize this shoot. The property is an amazing assortment of collections in an unorthodox concrete building, with intimate and grand spaces, filled with antique collections, and furniture. It is hard to imagine living in this place with limited light. The Edison light bulbs, used then were only 25 watts and all the electricity is strung on the surface of the concrete walls. Now the bulbs are 60 watts and cost $11.50 each! Oh and I would be amiss if I also didn't thank the "legend" Tony Sweet for hauling me up there in a snowstorm! And for AAA for coming to our aid when the keys got locked in the trunk! It was a really fun time..


  1. Enjoying your Fonthill images a lot Karen.

  2. These images are just wonderful. I envy the group of you with the private access to this place. I think I like Narrow Passageway the best of these.

  3. Thanks Bob for your comments. We were very lucky to have John organize this shoot. I think he leads workshops there every once in a while. Maybe keep an eye on his site for a future workshop if you want to get into the place for some photography.