Monday, February 1, 2010

Fonthill Castle

A few more from this amazing place, Fonthill. Mercer collected so many interesting things, and had such a creative mind with the creation of this "castle". He was afraid of building fires so he built it from cement, and also because cement was the only material that would support all this tile work. I love ceramic tiles and have a small collection, so I really appreciated all the details. I also collect prints and his collection on the walls was amazing, and I love old home I was really having fun, but I wanted to spend time just looking....I have to go back! Plus I want to visit the museum!


  1. Again, wonderful images of such a unique place. The library shot really blows me away. Wonderful work.

  2. Bob, just checked your blog, your work is awesome!
    The Library shot is a mirror image I made in PS but you probably figured that was such a small cramped space, I was using a 12 mm lens for the shot.