Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day Images

Today was the first day I ventured out onto the roads after the blizzard.....whew...that was a lot of work! After getting more gas for the snow blower, and some staples at the grocery store, I headed back home to try and get the second drive way plowed out before the next 20 inches of snow falls on Tuesday and Wednesday. Too bad the snow blower has a problem..after priming the engine...I noticed gas just pouring out of somewhere and the engine failed to start. Thinking maybe it flooded, I grabbed the shovel and started into the large snow plow berm. A few feet in (and not even to the drive) I went back to the snow blower and tried again with no back to the drive way...when I went back to the snow blower this time it started, I wheeled it down the street to the other drive way ( I live on a corner ) and made a few swipes it conked out! No gas, of course it all poured out on the walk from some where, so I thought well one more try, put a little gas in and no start! So the next 20 inches will all be by shovel! I think I am getting too old for all this! Thank goodness I had a strong neighbor push it back up the street...These shots I made yesterday, on my neighborhood walk........wish I could drive out to get some shots but around here there is just no place to park if you want to get out and make some images...and I guess its just not smart.

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