Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard around the Neighborhood

Whew, did some more digging today and got out of the driveway! The snow plow never came down the side street so I shoveled out to the corner. These images were made yesterday as the blizzard was in full force. It was a challenge to keep the lens clean, but I tired to keep the wind to my back when shooting. I was using the 11-24mm lens on my Nikon D2X. I wasn't the only one out, some neighbors were cross country skiing, some shoveling and some had been out very early with their snow blower cutting paths in the neighborhood. Maybe I can get out to do some real shooting tomorrow...and then I am attending the BSO event Pictures of Music, which is a show of Ansel Adams work to the music of Dave Brubeck...I am looking forward to that!

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