Monday, April 26, 2010

Baltimore Camera Club Camera School and Sherwood Gardens

It was a busy weekend teaching at the Camera School. I was signed up for the morning session on Saturday to present, Finding Your Vision...The Art of Seeing, so I expected that, but I didn't expect to have to fill a spot on teaching Photoshop in the afternoon, that went unfilled due to an absent I ended up spending the day. Sunday morning we started with the group of students in the field at Druid Hill Park, as we had cover from the rain. Then when the Howard Rawlings Conservatory opened at 10:00 we worked inside....after we finished at the conservatory I decided to check out the condition of the tulips at Sherwood, since I was close by,  and made a few images there. Mostly the tulips are going over with spots and dropped petals due to the early warm weather in April. After Sherwood I drove to Cylburn to check out what was happening there as they have just opened to the public after a year of building and renovation. I just walked the grounds and woodland trail there, to check out the photo opportunities that may exist next weekend for my workshop. There is always something to photograph there.....


  1. You did an awesome job with ...Art of Seeing. I was pretty mesmerized with your your presentation. And so far as jumping up to the plate to do the fill in photoshop lesson...that was still informative and maybe even a better lesson for me to see your basic workflow, so thank you.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much I enjoyed the couple of days teaching. Here's the action for Canon users to create multiple exposure blends in Photoshop.