Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Beach Day

Heading home sometime tomorrow or maybe real early Tuesday. Today I made a run up to Rehoboth to do some shopping and then back down to OC. I didn't have the same photo mojo working tonight, but I made a few images...mostly architecture. After an early dinner at Dumser's Dairyland I headed south. It was fun to see the hotel parking lots so empty I could pull into any lot I wanted with no problem, stopping to take some pics when I wanted. Sticking with the Nostalgia theme..seems to be a little trend....I made some shots of the old 60's era motels on Baltimore Street and enjoyed the memories...The Flamingo is celebrating 47 years in business!
I made a shot of an old beach house nestled in between some high rises.
And a shot of a newer complex on the bay side.
And finished the day with a sundown walk on the beach.
I was still using the Lensbaby soft focus lens...I think it get it now...

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