Monday, April 11, 2011

Ocean Beauty Triptych

Today was my last day at the beach and mostly filled with cleaning up and getting out, but while the laundry was going I wanted to put together a triptych from yesterday morning's shoot, the last day of my spring beach workshop. At the beach capturing the effects of motion is important. So the photographer is always challenged with making camera settings between ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. We do not know how fast the water is moving and depth of field is sometimes less important due to the motion of water..but checking your histogram and viewing the LCD for the effect you are capturing is essential. As we are usually shooting on the edge of night and day, light changes fast so constantly checking exposure is critical, and requires making adjustments rapidly and frequently. Yesterday morning, the sun came up behind a huge cloud cover so the light was soft, but the waves were beautiful, and soft light is good for photographing shells on the waters edge, after we made some long exposures of the jetty, we played with some props I had brought along. It was a fun weekend working with Nancy and Jim by the sea!

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