Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunrise Surprise

Today was the first shoot day of my beach workshop. The weather forecast was tenuous and when I woke up and checked outside it was very misty and everything was soaking wet from the overnight rain. There was mist forecast until 11:00 am. I was a bit worried about our sunrise shoot at the beach. An hour later when I went to the car to get some gear, the mist had stopped but the wind was blowing hard from the Northeast at about 15 MPH with stronger gusts. I had to make a decision and decided we needed to give it a try. So we headed out to the beach, and waited out the light. The heavy cloud cover prevented the normal twilight from happening, but soon we saw a bit of pink on the horizon, which gave us hope. So we started shooting and as the dawn progressed we were delighted with the light we had to work with. The seas were rough and it was a real tough morning on the beach but we came back with some beautiful images! All worthwhile.

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