Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ocean Workshop

I am just getting around to processing a few shots I made on my beach workshop. Nancy and Jim were all set and working away, so I had a chance to make a couple shots as the light was breaking for us. I never get tired of looking at the ocean or images of the ocean. Every second the light changes the waves change and there is a new picture! After arriving home late in the evening Monday, I unpacked and caught up around here. Tuesday night was the second night of my classes at Hopkins and I have a great group of participants eager to learn more about using their cameras and making pictures.. I have been working on getting some iPhone images worked and now just getting to these.
This shot is a "Swipe" of a jetty in Rehoboth Beach

This morning was windy and the waves were high creating a lot of sea foam on the beach at the surf line.
We  had a very gray morning, but I liked the wet dune fencing against the gray skies and beach grasses.

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