Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sherwood Gardens

This morning I met my workshop participants at Sherwood Gardens in the rain. We had a break for a couple hours, and got some shooting in. I made images a few times along side my participants showing them comps and ideas, before we had a little lightening that sent us back to the cars to wait out the downpour. Well it did not last too long and soon we were back out making images. I was covered in rain gear and doing a little "wet belly" work. Here's the proof! Tonight I processed two images from this morning.

The images below are many layers of processes, some swipes some straight shots, some smudging, and some iterations in Snapart2, blended and masked along the way. When I uploaded them I thought that they looked a little like soft water colors, maybe that's because we were shooting in the rain.  I often feel like its not necessary to make a tack sharp macro shot although I do. I also love the blending of images to get a painterly feel. They certainly speak to the season, Happy Easter everyone!

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