Sunday, September 18, 2011

Delmarva Bike Week "Biker Art" with Snapart3

Whew, here at the shore the wind kicked up last night and howled all night. The rain stopped for a while but started again this morning. The bikers started up the highway as early as 4:00am and have been going all morning. My guess is that many are heading home with the prediction of showers off and on all day. Too bad as the organizers of Delmarva Bike Week really put a lot of effort into the weekend activities as the culmination of the week. Today is also my last day at the beach until November so I will be heading back to Baltimore after the Ravens game!

When I was walking around the Arthur W. Purdue Stadium lot yesterday looking at bikes and looking to make some images, I focused on details that caught my eye from the hand made leather details of the Indian to raked forks on custom bikes. I surely wish the rain had not started or I would have really had a great assortment of images to work with. The bikes and their owners had such style and they were coming and going so there was a constant stream of incoming bikes and owners to see. I will be back next year to get some more images and enjoy the event...maybe I'll even do a photo workshop for anyone who might be interested in capturing some great bike and biker shots. : - )
This  group I am calling "Biker Art" because I enjoyed applying some painterly effects using SnapArt 3. (I don't get any commissions from them I just enjoy using it.)


  1. Karen ... you have excellent perception when it comes to composition. It is enjoyable to view your photos and learn something on every shot. Thank You for taking the time to share.

  2. Thanks Dan for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your thoughts.