Thursday, September 22, 2011

Losing my Marbles? iPhone meets SnapArt 3

Yesterday I helped a friend with the process of boxing up belongings in preparation for moving out of her childhood home. It is always a sad time when both of your parents are gone and you are left with the task of sorting and pitching, saving or selling what remains of a lifetime of living. But we had some fun too with another friend..finding unusual items stored and long ago forgotten. When we found some marbles I just had to get my iPhone out and make a few goofy shots of the marbles on the plastic table cloth. When I got home I started "playing" with the marble images. They seemed perfect for an iPhone app called iDroste...and another app called Decim 8. After making those images I downloaded them to my laptop and further processed and re-sized them for processing in SnapArt3. So now I am crossing over between iPhone images and large file software programs. I really did not know where to post this on my iPhone blog or here, but since I have kept my iPhone blog pure, processed and shot on the iPhone, I decided to post them here. There really are no limits to what you can create with the iPhone and a few cool apps. I will be introducing some of the iPhone apps and my processes in a presentation during the Nature Visions Weekend in November. I hope you can join me there.
After making the marble images above I decided to run another iPhone image I had made through SnapArt3 and the shot below is the result of that.

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