Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow, Delaware

Today I attended the Nanticoke Indian Pow Wow in Millsboro, Delaware. This is the 34th year of the event, but the first I have attended. After seeking out the "field" where the Pow Wow was located I was directed to park and then jump on the tractor pulled carts to ride into the woods where the PowWow was set up. There were many vendor tents as one might expect selling wares and food. But I went for the Indians. I wanted to see the Regalia and feel the spirit of the Pow Wow. It was great. I loved the dancers and the music. It was difficult getting clean shots because of the crowd around the dance area. I did not want to jump in front of others that were already seated in their chairs, so I patiently waited and walked around until I found a spot in front of a tree and then waited for interesting events to happen. All the images here were made using a 70- 200 mm lens hand held with VR activated and shallow f-stops 2.8-4.5.

The following images were processed using SnapArt 3 from Alien Skin.


  1. Beautiful work, Karen. Such striking colors and costumes. The top image, in particular, is breath-taking. How do you find out about such events?

  2. Thank you Shaun! I just happened to pick up a local paper on Friday night listing local activities at the beach.... So I had to go because I have wanted to for years and just have never been here the same weekend. Got lucky this year.

  3. Striking set! Fantastic snap art with stunning colors and shapes.