Monday, April 23, 2012

New York City Streets~

I did a double take on this one, when I first decided she might make an interesting image. At first I just thought about a woman reading her iPhone, and then I saw the little one under the pack like carrier with her little stockinged leg hanging out. Maybe a Nanny or a Mommy?
Today I had a chance to process a few more images from my New York City street shoot. This collection was partly inspired by Sue, who mentioned at brunch, that she likes to capture images of people reading..well on a beautiful spring day during lunch time in Bryant Park that's not hard to do...but I also found people reading, iPhones, and Kindles all over the city in various places.
Kindle Reading
Well reading is reading....
Smoking and reading.....
Reading and reading..can be confusing....

Really, just reading...a book!

All the images here were shot with the D4 fitted with the 28-300 lens. They were processed in CS5 and Nik Silver Efex Pro2.


  1. Wonderful images and I really like the Silver Effex Pro! Awesome!

    1. Thanks Sue, yes somehow, I like the monochrome conversion for street shots..

  2. So what I get from this is that men don't read (or smoke)...LOL!

    1. Well I have one smoking, but none reading...good point wil have to check that next time I go, maybe a new series! Thanks Ellery LOL.