Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Beauty with Gratitude

Captured with Nikon D4 and 200mm macro lens Processed with CS5 and Snapart3
Today I had a great group of photographers eager to learn in the field doing some shooting at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. The spring and late winter weather has been atypical of what we usually experience here in the Mid-Atlantic, and normal bloom times have been accelerated in the local gardens. The Oriental Tree Peonies usually bloom several weeks later, but we were very happy they were in bloom for us to shoot today. My new tripod clamp arrived from Really Right Stuff, and fit perfectly on my old but faithful Studio Ballhead and worked great with my Kirk that was really sweet! Back on the tripod with the D4, which when doing Macro work is really a must for precise composition and focus. Tripod selection is critical for ease of working in the field. Getting low to the ground for Macro work requires a tripod without a center post. I often work with students who realize they can not get low to the ground due to the center post on their tripod, only after they have made a substantial investment in if you are shopping for a tripod try Gitzo or Really Right Stuff for a tripod without a center will be happy with them forever!
2 images Captured with Nikon D4 Processed Photoshop CS5 Blended two shots with layers

Now for the gratitude part of this post. My folks who are no longer on the planet, both loved gardening. As a young child in my parents garden, I remember being beside my Dad, eye to eye with his lovingly tended roses while he gently bent the stem over for me to push my nose into and be taken away with the perfume of heaven! I thank them for sharing with me the beauty of a simple flower, the magic of the early morning as buds unfurl to the light of day and for the life time of appreciation for natures gifts! Those early child hood moments are with me every time I gaze into the beauty of a flower small or large like the magnificent blooms of the Oriental Tree Peony, or the small puffy ends of a bottle brush plant and make a picture.
So with a life time of gratitude, Thanks Mom and Dad!I hope you are listening!
Captured Nikon D4 Processed Photoshop CS5

Capture Nikon D4 Processed Photoshop CS5 Snapart3