Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 16 on the road Giants Causeway and back to Sligo, Ireland

View from the lower path at The Giants Causeway
Well if you have been following this adventure, I had a busy weekend and did not get to post, so I am picking up on Day 16 in Ireland, after shooting the Dark Hedges. It was about 5:30 in the afternoon and I decided to travel on north to the Giants Causeway, as I was so close and not knowing when I will be back again. I entered the destination into the Garmin and drove on. At this time of year the days are long and I was comfortable driving now so I was OK with extending my day. After parking in the lower lot and walking up hill to the entrance point I found my way down the lower path, as always the one closest to the sea. Due to the sea level location, the coastal path has a steep descent (100m) as you leave the visitor center, I was keeping this in mind as I had to return uphill on the same path! The path was asphalt paved so the walk was easy.
There were lots of tourists visiting this site today and the hexagonal rock formation was crawling with people. I was not going to crawl the rocks but enjoyed the view of those that did.
I made a few more grab shots and headed back up the hill, making a few stops along the way where,  I enjoyed the site of this sign! Around 6:00 pm I decided to head back toward Sligo, knowing that I was going to make some random stops along the way.

The shot was made right off the parking lot of a pull off along the coast. What I was going for here was of all these birds SITTING on the fence. I approaced the scene carefully, set my gear up, made my exposure and composition adjustment and as soon as I was ready to hit the trigger for a shot, a dog started barking and the birds took I hit the shutter fast! I laughed...but maybe its a better shot any how! I made a few more stops before hitting the pedal and heading down the highway toward great light just some tourist shots on the road.

It had been a pretty afternoon with high clouds and as I was heading south with the light fading I thought the sky was going to be awesome for sunset. Not in the plan but as I was driving indeed it started to get some beautiful color. At that time I wished I was near the spot I was in the morning, on the cliffs in Mullaghmore.....and so I was, I recognized the road I turned on I made a quick turn and a low pond appeared with reeds and swans...with beautiful reflected sky light...I had to stop!

From the pond I could see the silhouette of the Cassiebawn Castle against the colorful sky and knew I was missing the show on the cliffs so I packed up and made a dash for the cliff chasing the light. (well as fast as I could go  on the left hand side of the single lane road) and so I missed the really beautiful light, but enjoyed the scene when I arrived and made a few shots! Feeling lucky and grateful for a good day on the road, it was now 10:00pm and it really was time to just get back to the Markree Castle. I never stopped any where for dinner and I was a bit exhausted, so I dragged my self up the steps and picked up my room key from the desk. The young lady asked me how I was and I honestly said tired and hungry, knowing I was not getting anything to eat, she politely and graciously offered me a pot of hot tea. Wonderful, so I enjoyed a pot of hot tea sitting by the large peat burning castle fireplace, checking my e-mails before I went up to my room to download my files and get ready for check out in the morning. It was a great day!


  1. Love these, especially the woman on the rocks and the cow/birds. You had such a productive trip!

    1. Thanks Bob for checking in. It was a blast discovering, and photographing on the back roads of Ireland! Good to also see you guys there this year! Maybe next year when I get out to Seattle we can catch up.