Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eastern Shore

Today I spent the day photographing with Don Wagner from Shadyside, MD, the skipper of Der Baron, who won first place in his class in the Governor's Cup sail boat race last summer. He is also a member of the Annapolis Digital Photography Club and I had promised him a day in the field, since he and his crew were so wonderful to allow me to participate in the race last year as a member on his boat.
We had a really fun day shooting today. The light was a bit of a challenge...hmmm what do you do with bright mid day clear blue sky light? Shoot reflections...? We started in the Annapolis Harbor as a warm up and then headed to Kent Island where the work boats tie up...we worked the boats in dock making images of lines and reflections. After we had finished we had a great lunch at the Narrows Restaurant. I enjoyed a cup of their out of this world cream of crab soup and a fried oyster sandwich. We headed on toward Tilghman Island in hopes of catching some more boats and a sunset. We made a few images there and then headed toward the tip of the island, stopping one more time in a marina area, where the light was amazing but only for a few minutes, we worked fast and made some images. Sunset was disappointing and we headed back. It was a long but great day. I got a few keepers from the day.


  1. I'm not sure which part of this adventure makes me more envious....a great day for photography on the Eastern Shore with friends or the cream of crab soup and oyster sandwich. Great stuff, all of it!!!

  2. Oh thats funny! Made me chuckle....When you get back lets make a point of taking a day for the same adventure! Keep those shots coming from Kuwait and India..they are beautiful.

  3. I was thinking about heading down to the Eastern Shore. Company was closed last Monday for MLK holiday, but I was in to finish up year end work. Maybe some time over the next few weeks. Hopefully it will get cold again.

  4. Hi Jim there was very little ice, not enough to do anything with. If you decide to go one day, give me a shout out.

  5. Thanks Karen, I'll hold you to that and look forward to it!!

  6. Karen,
    Love your site and photos. Thanks for the mention. Hope to see you at the Narrows Restaurant soon for another bowl of cream of crab soup.

    Thanks again and best,
    Kate Pizzo
    The Narrows Restaurant
    Twitter: @TheNarrowsRest

  7. Hi Kate, Thanks for leaving a comment! I love your soup! Hope to be back soon!