Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day 2010

Annette rallied me to go out this afternoon shooting for an hour or after completing some tax prep work today, I headed out to Loch Raven to meet Annette. Yesterday I saw some very large icy formations as I left Loch Raven and decided to scout them before Annette arrived. The large icy formations were very dirty and had been attacked by some curious children as I arrived they were pulling at the ice encased branches....oh well, so I walked down the shore line and found some ice covered matter that looked interesting. While Annette was making some wide angle shots I decided to work the ice covered matter along the shore with my 200mm macro lens. There was green seaweed and seeds from the trees encased in ice that gave it color and dimension. As I began processing the images they were very abstract and reminded me of a I got the idea to see what they would look like if I applied the same mirroring technique as I have in the past on the water reflections. These images reminded me of some exotic jewelry when I had finished and really did look like kaleidoscope images.
I also have included two more multiple exposure images from yesterdays pine forest shoot, that I enjoyed so much. Afterwards Annette and I went to Sanders Corner for a drink, well she had tea, I had an Irish Coffee....and some cream of shrimp soup...she presented me with her delightful book of images from Rehoboth Beach that she made for holiday gifts. Thanks Annette!

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