Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun Time

Hmmmmm......Imagine that I took no photos today, but I did get a chance to talk about photography at Penn Camera on Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. I had a great group of participants with lots of great questions and contributions. I hope to see them again on a future workshop. I am reminded how exciting it is to be a photographer when I do a workshop, give a lecture or teach. Creating an image, sharing your vision and your world with others is very satisfying. Then I think about the network of amazing photographers connected on Facebook, I can look at Volcanic images and then look at images from the streets in India...photographers sharing their world and their vision....imagine a world with out pictures? Thanks to all the photographers who share their world.

Here's a shot from fall that has been sitting on my desktop, waiting for the right time to get on the blog! ; - 0 I made this in fall, loved the gray sky background with the leaves dancing in the light on graceful baring branches as the soft light gave shape and dimension to the trees branches and trunk. A simple image of a tree......

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