Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fonthill Castle

Today was a great day of shooting in the Fonthill Castle, before it opened to the public. The arrangements had been made in advance by a local photographer. It is not usually available for photographers and there is no flash allowed inside so all the images we made were either straight shots or bracketed shots for processing in Photomatix, as HDR images. A little note on the man who amassed such a fabulous collection and heritage....Between 1908 and 1916, Henry Chapman Mercer built three concrete structures by hand with a small group of laborers: Fonthill as his residence and for his collection of artifacts from around the world, Moravian Tile Works to bring back handmade tile in response to machine made, and the Mercer Museum as a showplace for artifacts of American industriousness (most of the thousands of items were secured by Mercer in the early part of the 20th century, put the collection is always being added to)

Fonthill and Mercer Museum are sister properties and open to the public for tours. They are administered by the Bucks County Historical Society in Doylestown, PA.
It is an amazing structure! I really enjoyed the fun company of some fellow photographers!


  1. Pretty smokin's stuff, kiddo!
    Next time, I'll shoot for some mirrors.
    There's just too much to think about all the time!!!

  2. Hello Karen - I am one of the docents at Fonthill and enjoyed meeting your group. I started out on Tony's blog and followed his links to your sites. I am intrigued by how each of you can make the same room look different.I particularly like the way you bookmatched the shots taken in the library and the map room. Great work! Kathy Appel

  3. Thanks Kathy, your comments are right on regarding the unique vision we each have of a subject. That is a constant fascination with me as well as a learning opportunity....we really appreciated your support and early arrival! We all want to return!